Nana was a Suffragette

Also among the papers was an obituary for Nana Bringhurst who died at the age of 80 in 1957? The paper does not have the date though Mom will know.

What I didn’t know was that Nana was “Among the Delaware women who played a large role in founding the National Women’s Party, which she served for years as vice president.” The Delaware Historical Society has a lot of information on the movement. I looked for Nana in this picture, but couldn’t find her.

Text of Letter – 1858

If you have trouble reading the linked letter, I think this is what is says:

“All creation a far” 1858″

Dear Sarah

Please let the Reases (Beases?) (Bearses?) have “Derry’s” old no top wagon, should he (“Derry”), not be at home. if there I expect him (him is underlined) to the the honours(?) – Expedite the “African” as I am going a long distance

Most devotedly your cousin

March 25, 1858

Underground Railroad??

I was sorting some old family letters and came across this one. It was rather cryptic but what immediately came to mind was a reference to the Underground Railroad. Unless someone else has another idea as to what Expedite the “African” means?

The Sarah, to whom the letter is addressed, is probably Sarah Derrickson Harvey (b. 1836) who married David Penny Derrickson(b. 1812) in 1856. As to who the signer is, I have no idea. I think the name is Will.

Wilmington was a major stop on the Underground Railroad with the Quaker, Thomas Garrett, who lived on 4th and Shipley one of the best known Conductors. The Friends Meeting House was a stop on the way to Philadelphia. And Harriet Tubman was very active with Garrett.

Anyone have any ideas about this letter or how to research my theory?

Crabbing at Oak Orchard

We crabbed using fish heads as bait and filled up peach baskets with crabs to take back. They always escaped and we would find crabs in the shower or a closet for days. I always sat in the front seat going back since it was safer.

This picture shows Scott and Philip Laird, Barbie Hinkson, Wowie and Jane and me sometime in the late 1950’s.