Christmas 1954 with Nana and Poppa

When my sister Jane and I were little, Nana (Martha Penny Derickson Bringhurst) and Poppa (Frederick R. Bringhurst) used to sit in the car outside our house, waiting for us to wake up so they could enjoy Christmas morning with us.

This Christmas was special since it was the first Christmas for our sister Barbara. She is the two month old baby in the back being held by her grandmother, Lois Budd Naff (Wowie to us). And Poppa died two weeks later at the age of 81. Mom looking very young is peaking out beside Nana.

We loved Christmas, grandparents and our great grandparents.

Crabbing at Oak Orchard

We crabbed using fish heads as bait and filled up peach baskets with crabs to take back. They always escaped and we would find crabs in the shower or a closet for days. I always sat in the front seat going back since it was safer.

This picture shows Scott and Philip Laird, Barbie Hinkson, Wowie and Jane and me sometime in the late 1950’s.