Pet Peeve – English Muffins

Everyone has pet food peeves that were ingrained at an early age. When you see someone doing the “wrong thing” like cutting open an English Muffin and putting into a toaster, you cringe and feel like shaking them. Try to explain to them why they are ruining their food and they look at you as if you are deranged. Luckily, my family agrees with this particular peeve, making breakfast easy at their houses.

Proper English Muffins

Course Breakfast


  • 1 English muffin preferably Thomas
  • 1 tsp butter


  1. Open the English muffin with a fork, or better yet, an English Muffin splitter and lightly film with butter and broil until done.

Perfection in an English muffin means that you take full advantage of the nooks and crannies and let the butter melt into them. Spreading butter on them after they are cooked doesn’t really work. Toasting them makes them tough.

If you are very lucky, you have a muffin splitter like this one:

Muffin splitter

My grandfather’s store, La Cocina in Wilmington, Delaware, carried these starting about 1965. The patent was sold to Thomas and it expired. It seemed as though this nifty tool has vanished forever. But I was delighted to see them appear again in King Arthur’s catalog a few years ago and bought them as Christmas presents. I’m still holding on to my 1965 one. My grandfather, of course, knew the original designer and manufacturer.



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