Christmas 1954 with Nana and Poppa

When my sister Jane and I were little, Nana (Martha Penny Derickson Bringhurst) and Poppa (Frederick R. Bringhurst) used to sit in the car outside our house, waiting for us to wake up so they could enjoy Christmas morning with us.

This Christmas was special since it was the first Christmas for our sister Barbara. She is the two month old baby in the back being held by her grandmother, Lois Budd Naff (Wowie to us). And Poppa died two weeks later at the age of 81. Mom looking very young is peaking out beside Nana.

We loved Christmas, grandparents and our great grandparents.

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  1. Scott – I have sent you an e-mail with some information about the Bringhursts. Papa was a very fine person and dedicated to the church, including St. Barnabas.

  2. I’m sure the recipes are all delicious, but what brought me here was this picture. My name is Scott Palmer, and I’m an amateur historian who focuses on the Mill Creek Hundred area. I’m currently putting together a talk I’ll be giving next month about Marshallton. I was just looking for a little bit more background on the Bringhursts. As I’m sure you know, John Richardson Bringhurst purchased the Marshall brothers’ iron mill in Marshallton, and Frederick was very involved in the community as well. From everything I’ve seen, he seemed like a very nice man.

    You may have them, too, but I have a few pictures relating to the family in Marshallton. A postcard of the mill, a couple pictures of their house, and a shot with Frederick standing behind the 1932 Diamond State League Champion St. Barnabas baseball team. I’d be happy to share with you anything I have. Glad to see there’s someone still around with memories of him. He’ll also pop up in my talk in the St. Barnabas part, since his generous gift was responsible for their new site and church.

    One question for you, if you don’t mind. As far as you know, am I correct in thinking that he and Martha split time between Marshallton and 1801 N. Market, at least for a while? Seems like they lived in Wilmington, but still had strong ties to Marshallton. I’d love to hear from you, thanks.

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