From Quaker to Mormon – William Bringhurst

We had always heard that one of the Bringhursts had gone out to Utah with Brigham Young. I don’t know how he is related to Papa (Frederick Bringhurst), but William Bringhurst is the one. See The First 100 Persons Who Shaped Southern Nevada for a photo and some details.

His father was Joseph Bringhurst and his mother was Elizabeth Evans. Presumably they were all originally Quakers. However, in looking at where people were buried, it seems as though William brought his mother out west along with his sisters and some brothers.

I’m sure that there is an interesting story behind it all.

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  1. Two of Joseph and Elizabeth’s sons went to Utah, William and Samuel. Joseph and Elizabeth are buried in an old Quaker cemetery in Lyonville PN. The cemetery is on the grounds of an old Quaker meeting house there. My father and mother found the graves about 10 years ago. I have been there as well. The Quaker meeting house is near the Hampton Inn. The graves are right next to the building in back on the left side if you were looking at the building from the front.

    I am a decedent of Samuel > William Augustus Bringhurst > Leo Bringhurst > Antone Hall Bringhurst > Boyd Taylor Bringhurst (me).

  2. I’m a decendant out of springville, Ut. My last name however is Crandall. my grandfather Leo A. Crandall lived in one of William’s settlements in Springville. Leo’s father’s name is William Bringhurst Crandall who was married to willam’s daughter Desert Bringhurst. There are many Crandallls in Utah county, Ut. My name is Ryan E. Crandall

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