Eggs Fried

Eggs Fried was created many years ago as a way to share recipes and family lore with my very scattered family and friends.

Good food and drink is an essential part of being a family, at least it is with our family. And though starting from Delaware,  our travels have given us a wide range of great food to cook and enjoy.

Family history is a good adjunct to food. It illuminates the sometimes very interesting lives of our relatives. It is also highly addictive as we trace the family tree since many of us love a good mystery story.

Food is Essential

When I want to find a recipe that remember that my grandmother (Lois Naff Budd) making, I go to one of her many Gourmet cookbooks. Her idea of a nice Christmas dessert was a buche de noel with meringue mushrooms. I also remember having artichoke hearts with pureed spinach piped on top in a  knot. Fancy but pretty enough for children to want to eat.

When visiting my sister in Seattle with my mother (Martha Budd Shelnutt) and grandmother, we went out shopping and site seeing. Exhausted, my then 11 year old nephew cooked us trout with lemon and parsley new potatoes. We thought that was normal.

Generations of us cook and read cookbooks like novels. The best way to children on their way is to make Christmas cookies and we will be doing that again this year and many years to come.

Enjoy the recipes, comment and share. Click on Food  to see what we are sharing or go to the Blog.

Digging into the Family Tree

Although we lived in a very old (1772) family house and were surrounded by family portraits and memorabilia, I only really seriously started family history when my mother gave me an 1858 letter than confirmed the family myth that the house was used in the Underground Railroad. As it turned out, three twenty-something cousins were moving slaves from Delaware into Pennsylvania where the Harvey branch of the family was deeply involved in the anti-slavery movement and the Underground Railroad.  Sarah Derickson was  the recipient of the letter, asking her “expedite the African” in her cousin’s wagon. For more information on the Harvey’s, Google Dr. Ellwood Harvey, Sarah’s uncle.

I’ve also found uppity women, two of whom were hung, kings and queens, Quakers and Huguenots,  and it has been a fun journey.  I’ll intersperse family vignettes along with the recipes.

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